In 1972, Cheng-Yi Industrial Co., the predecessor of TAYA, was established in Jiaoxi, Yilan, in Taiwan. The main operations of the business were the fabrication of materials for home décor such as curtains and soft furnishing covers, and apparel such as raincoats. In 1989, the company was rebranded as Taiwan TaYa Canvas Co. Ltd, with production focusing on 2.1 metre PVC-coated fabric for the manufacture of truck covers.
In 2003, the company relocated to Minhang Industrial Zone in Shanghai. The new location came with a new name, and TAYA Canvas (Shanghai) Co. Ltd was born. In 2017, TAYA Vietnam was established to meet growing demand in the South East Asian market.
As a world class supplier of PVC-coated materials, TAYA Groups produces a wide range of high-quality material solutions for signage, banners, membrane structures, tarpaulins, treadmill belts, inflatable toys and more, and we’re always exploring and developing new ways to delight our customers with new and improved material innovations. All our products are manufactured in accordance with international standards (REACH, RoHS, 6P and DIN4102-B1).
With a monumental 50 years of experience in the PVC-coated material industry, TAYA Groups will keep exploring the possibilities of our industry-leading technology, bringing new products to life and expanding into new and exciting sectors. In 2017 we applied that expertise to revolutionising the environmental credentials of large-format printing materials with the launch of KAVALAN, TAYA’s first eco-friendly, PVC-free product that cements our dedication to protecting the planet.