Chinese Confucianism centres around balance and caring for humanity.
At TAYA, we have adopted the people-oriented wisdom of this philosophy, focusing our attention on creating value for our customers, opportunities for our employees, and a sustainable future for the world. With ‘people first’ as our mantra, members of the TAYA team adhere to a set of unique values that starts with listening, appreciating understanding the diverse needs of our customers and using that knowledge to develop innovative solutions and services, all while continuing to drive sustainable development to work towards a future that’s ‘win-win’ for everyone.

Our mission: to usher in a new era of textile raw materials.
Our vision: to ensure our professional service delivers an experience like no other.
Inspired and influenced by the Japanese spirit of craftmanship and sustainability.
TAYA is inspired and influenced by the Japanese spirit of craftmanship and sustainability, and we ensure that these crucial and admirable values are part of the fabric of our organisation from leadership through to every member of the TAYA team, holding ourselves to the highest possible standards of quality.
We strive for Excellence. Innovation. Sustainable Development.
To make our ‘win-win’ future a reality, we are consistently improving and enhancing our technology and continually pursuing creativity and innovation through the outstanding quality of our products and services, all while staying true to our sustainable development agenda.
“ Keep Improving. Courage to Innovate. ”
Happy Enterprise
Our employees are our most precious assets, and TAYA Groups ensures they are treated as such. We create a friendly, enjoyable workplace built on sustainability and social responsibility.
Sustainable Life
Creating a green, low-carbon environment is crucial at TAYA, and our sustainable mission also extends to embracing progressive values and working towards success in an environmentally-responsible setting.
Innovation and Change
We don’t stand still at TAYA as we’re always innovating and always seeking out new ideas – creativity is in our DNA!
Continuous Improvement
The spirit of ‘craftsmanship’ is at the heart of our solutions, and informs the way we keep advancing and developing the perfect products for our customers.
Always improving, always innovating. With sustainable development towards a ‘win-win’ future for all at the core of our business, we will keep meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations, overcoming challenges and creating opportunities with a proactive, positive, pragmatic and persistent attitude. With our pioneering spirit, professional knowledge and active pursuit of self-improvement, we can achieve anything.

TAYA is working towards becoming a global benchmark company, continuing to combine modern technology with traditional craftsmanship to create a unique experience for consumers and a prosperous future for the exceptional textile industry.