In 1972, Cheng-Yi Industrial Co., the predecessor of TAYA, was established in Jiaoxi, Yilan, in Taiwan. The main operations of the business were the fabrication of materials for home décor such as curtains and soft furnishing covers, and apparel such as raincoats. In 1989, the company was rebranded as Taiwan TaYa Canvas Co. Ltd, with production focusing on 2.1 metre PVC-coated fabric for the manufacture of truck covers.
TAYA products meet ISO standards and significant international testing parameters, ensuring quality throughout the entire manufacturing process. Although we operate to the highest standards, we’re always looking for opportunities to make our offering even better and continue our role in driving the industry forward, and further inspire the development of high-quality, sustainable technology.
Developing versatile environmental solutions
As the impact of the climate crisis intensified, we knew it was time for us to take action. By combining the TAYA spirit of continuous improvement and innovation with our commitment to fighting the effects of climate change, we achieved a major breakthrough in the future of digital printing fabrics and started a green revolution in materials by developing the world's first PVC-FREE printing material brand – KAVALAN.

KAVALAN is a revolutionary solution to the environmental challenges of the large-format banner industry, and we’re not stopping there. With more than 50 years of innovation in the development of high-quality materials, we will continue to channel our knowledge and dedication towards researching and promoting energy-efficient technologies, and actively invest in new product development to build a green ecosphere.
A market leader with the spirit of innovation
Since the beginning, rising to challenges, pursuing excellence in technology and development, and providing cutting-edge solutions for our clients have been part of the DNA of TAYA. As the climate crisis persists, we continue to integrate our core R&D capabilities and existing technology with innovative sustainable solutions, receiving patents in various countries as well as a number of awards recognising our efforts.

TAYA is known for so much more than our technical expertise in coating and fabric manufacturing as we continue to transform the marketplace with our advanced eco-innovation and the capability to proactively solve environmental challenges.

The TAYA R&D team are pioneers in the development of coating fabric products with a mastery of material properties, so it’s no wonder that TAYA’s portfolio has kept us in a market leading position for so many years. Going forward, our progressive approach and technical expertise will ensure we continue to develop outstanding coating applications in a wider range of fields, maintaining our position as an organisation you can trust for quality, efficiency, and innovation.
Focusing on a Sustainable Future - Building TAYA’s Value
TAYA is always challenging the status quo, and constantly adapting to the ever-changing world.

There is still so much to do when it comes to leveraging our expertise to create sustainable applications in a multitude of sectors, and our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable development is allowing us to reach new heights and new achieve new goals, helping out customers while also helping the planet – a ‘win-win’ for everybody.
“ Innovation is the only way out, eliminate yourself,
otherwise competition will eliminate us. ”